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You've taken the first step toward becoming an Evoqe member!   
You will be contacted shortly if any further information is required.


  1. Minimum 21 years of age w/ a valid license

  2. Minimum 630 credit score.

  3. No more than 2 accidents or moving violations

  4. Drivers must not have any of the following high-risk violations:
    ■ Fleeing or Evading Police
    ■ Suspension
    ■ Violations impacting the validity of the license status
    ■ DUIs or Substance violations
    ■ Theft or Fraud
    ■ Hit & Run
    ■ Driving unlicensed or while suspended
    ■ Speeding violations on record exceeding 21MPH over the limit
    ■ Speeding violations greater than or equal to double the speed limit
    ■ Reckless Driving Violations
    ● (Incl. Use of cell phone while driving & moving violations in a
    school/construction zone)

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