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Electric Car Charger


  • Does the residential charge system need to be installed prior to accepting the car?
    No, in fact, the installation will likely happen after the delivery of the vehicle. We attempt to coordinate as closely as possible to minimize the impact on charging, however, the fast charging credits you're allotted each month will keep you going while awaiting the home installation.
  • How does the monthly mileage limit work?
    Mileage overages are calculated on a monthly basis and billed at $0.45/mile. All overages will be billed in addition to your base monthly payment prior to tax being calculated.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Because we offer terms as short as 6 months, our recommendation is to run out the remainder of your subscription. However, if you still want to cancel early, you may cancel with an early exit fee equal to one (1) month’s payment on a 6-month subscription, two (2) month’s payment for a 12-month subscription, or four (4) month’s payment for a 24-month subscription.
  • How does the residential charging system installation work?
    We will conduct a virtual home visit to understand your current electrical setup and the requirements for the Level 2 charger installation. The simplest of installations will be nothing more than utilizing a SplitVolt device that safely utilizes the power from a 240V dryer plug allowing the Level 2 charger to be plugged in. 
  • Can I add additional drivers to my Evoke subscription?
    Yes, additional drivers can be added to the vehicle, but they must meet all the membership requirements.
  • What are the membership requirements?
    21+ Driver Age, no major moving violations in last 24 months, minimum of 3 years auto insurance history, no major at-fault claims in the past 3 years, and a minimum 620 credit score.
  • Is insurance included in my Evoke subscription?
  • What does the member onboarding process entail?
    SMS verification, driver's license verification and DMVR check, soft credit check, and identity verification via Selfie.
  • Can I drive my car outside of the US?
    Yes. If you can drive there, you can go there.
  • How do I switch out my car?
    Simply log in to your account and schedule the change .
  • Can I bring pets in my car?
    Sure, we love pets! However, keep in mind that you will be responsible for any damage beyond normal wear and tear on the vehicle upon subscription end or vehicle exchange.
  • How do I charge my car?
    We provide and coordinate the installation of an at-home charger as a part of every subscription. Additionally, you will receive a Bluedot (TBD) card that provides free access to all public charging stations.
  • Can I choose my vehicle color?
    Given the limited availability of vehicles, we aren't able to provide color options at this time. We typically acquire the stock colors, meaning white for Tesla and Silver for Polestar.
  • Do I need to be present for my car delivery?
    Yes, you will need to be present for your vehicle delivery.
  • Can I add a roof rack or other mounts to my car?
    You cannot add anything that needs to be permanently affixed to the vehicle.
  • How do maintenance and repairs work, if needed?
    This depends on the make and model of the vehicle as well as the length of your subscription. However, standard annual maintenance and warranty repairs will be handled by the closest maintenance center for the vehicle. For example: in the Seattle area, the nearest maintenance centers are Bellevue for Polestar and off 6th Ave S for Tesla. 
  • Are vehicles always brand new, or are there EVs in your program that have already been leased?
    Our starting point was always to begin with new vehicles, however, with vehicle wait times being as long as they are, some current model year vehicles with under 4,000 miles may be a part of the Evoke fleet. As we begin to have vehicles swapped and returned to us in the coming years, we will open up leasing our used inventory at price points lower than the new current model year inventory.
  • Can I smoke in my car?
    Sorry, no smoking allowed in any Evoke car.
  • Will there be Evoke advertising on vehicles?
    Other than, perhaps, a branded license plate frame or something with a similarly small footprint, Evoke vehicles will not have any advertising on them.
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