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How to Subscribe to a Polestar 2

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

You heard it here first: we currently have a limited selection of Polestar 2s available for subscription. Car subscriptions have been rising in popularity as many consumers look outside of traditional finance and lease options, but what is the entire process really like? Here is what you can expect from subscribing to an Evoke electric vehicle.

1. Join the Waitlist and Select Your Vehicle

First, you’ll enter your information and select your chosen electric vehicle on the waitlist signup page.

2. Complete the Approval Process

After you sign up for the waitlist, you’ll receive an email from us with an identity verification link. The identity verification, provided by Stripe, requires a photo of your license and 3 quick selfies, and takes just under a minute to complete. After this is done, we’ll contact you to complete a soft credit check, submit your insurance, and finalize your approval process.

3. Subscribe and Set Your Delivery Date

Once you’re approved, look out for an email from us confirming that your Polestar will soon be ready. You will then complete the subscription signup process by choosing your subscription term of either 6, 12, or 24 months, then set up your monthly payment, pay a refundable security deposit, and confirm your EV’s delivery address and date.

The best part? Unlike most vehicle subscriptions on the market, we don’t charge any startup or delivery fees. Evoke is always $0 down.

4. Receive Your Polestar and Home Charger

When your delivery date arrives, ensure that you’re home to receive your vehicle. Once your Polestar arrives, you’ll have the opportunity to inspect it, ensure everything looks good, and sign a release form.

After your vehicle delivery, we’ll arrange your virtual consultation for a home charger installation. The virtual home visit will help our technical team understand your current electrical setup and the requirements for your Level 2 charger installation.

The simplest of installations will be nothing more than utilizing a SplitVolt device that safely utilizes the power from a 240V dryer plug, allowing the Level 2 charger to be plugged in. The installation will take approximately 2-4 hours, depending on the complexity of your charging location.

That’s it! No need to step foot in a dealership or spend months waiting for a traditional purchased or leased Polestar.

5. Complete Regular Maintenance At Zero Cost

Breathe a sigh of relief: oil changes and gas prices are now a thing of the past. Electric cars need far less maintenance than gasoline cars, and every Evoke subscription includes regular maintenance and repairs in your monthly payment.

Thanks to their advanced technology and construction, Polestars don’t require annual servicing or regular fluid checks. Your EV will need a few things to keep running smoothly, like tire rotation, cabin air filter replacements, and compartment checkups, all of which are recommended every two years. Evoke will connect you with authorized service providers in your area so you can easily schedule and complete appointments.

6. Optional Step: Switch Out Your EV Want to try something new after driving your Polestar for a year? At the end of your subscription term, you can switch out your EV for any other model. Just one of the many perks of flexible, short-term electric car subscriptions with Evoke.

Are you ready to get behind the wheel of a Polestar 2 before the holidays? Sign up for our waitlist and start your pre-approval process today. Our limited selection of Polestar 2s are first come, first serve!

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