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3 Reasons to Subscribe To — Not Buy — Your Electric Car

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Skyrocketing gas prices and environmental impact are creating a massive push to go electric, and many drivers are faced with the choice of buying or leasing an electric vehicle. What if there was a better, more affordable option than leasing? Introducing: EV subscriptions. Here are 3 reasons to consider subscribing to an electric car instead of buying or leasing.

1. You’ll simplify your life.

Imagine: no more email reminders to renew your insurance or unexpected late fees because your car registration letter wasn’t stamped by the due date. An Evoke subscription includes full-coverage insurance, home charging stations, free partner charging, and regular maintenance and repairs for one flat monthly fee.

You’ll even spend less than you would with a traditional car lease. Check out these comparison charts to see how much money you would save on the Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt EUV, and Polestar 2 with an Evoke membership:

2. You’ll have access to the newest technology.

Automakers are rolling out new models at a rapid pace, causing even 2-year leases to feel restrictive. Consumers want options and flexibility more than ever, and by subscribing to an EV, you can enjoy advances in driving technology, battery range, and other improvements.

At Evoke, you can upgrade to a new car as often as every 6 months, depending on your subscription term.

3. You won’t need to worry about battery degradation.

Most electric vehicles have lithium-Ion battery packs that power the motors instead of gasoline, and there isn’t much data on how long they will last or hold a full charge. While several factors affect how long EV batteries last, most manufacturers give between five to ten years warranty on their batteries or up to 62,000 miles.

Batteries are designed not to die completely, but slowly lose their charging capacity over time. This happens gradually, with many EV owners reporting the loss of a few percentage points over several years. According to Plug In America, a Tesla Model S’s battery only loses five percent of its original capacity over the first 50,000 miles.

Still, many people considering an EV hesitate to commit to a long-term purchase, knowing that their battery will eventually begin to degrade and will be costly to replace. When you subscribe to an EV, battery degradation and long-term maintenance costs are no longer a concern.

If you’re interested in transitioning to an EV without the long-term commitment of buying or leasing, consider an Evoke membership. Sign up for our waitlist to see available EVs and secure your place in line.

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