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Polestar 2 Driver Reviews: Powerful Performance at Everyday Pricing

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The Polestar 2, the first all-electric model from the Volvo subsidiary, aims to deliver what many EV-shy consumers have been waiting for—a driver’s electric car with premium features and accessible pricing. With such a wide variety of EVs on the market to choose from, we asked our community of Polestar 2 drivers for their feedback to help you decide if the Polestar 2 is right for you.

The Driving Experience

“I noticed slightly less response in the first bit of accelerator travel on the Polestar 2, which translates to a more smooth and controlled driving dynamic. It has plenty of overtaking ability, and I’ve had to keep an eye on my speed to ensure I’m not going too fast. Overall, I like the ride and prefer it over some of the more jumpy, responsive EVs.”

- Marta

“We got the Performance Pack and set the adjustable dampers in the middle. It's both more comfortable and better handling than our previous Model 3. Going over bumps sounds solid and composed, and going down the highway it feels very Germanic – surefooted and tracks very well. Throttle tip-in is much gentler for smoother driving, but if you mat it, you definitely feel all 400 horses.”

- Jacob

“Ride is important to me, so I have the dual motor but non-performance pack version. Ride quality is very good, but also sufficiently dynamic when you want to push.

I can’t say much about the self-driving feature because I very rarely use it. The driving range is not the best, but it seems to be as advertised, and I do low mileage so it’s not a problem for me. All things considered, I think the Polestar is a very good option and I enjoy it every single time I take it for a drive.”

- Finley

The Design

"The Polestar 2 is fast and has super agile handling for a sedan. The interior was better than the Tesla Model 3 and our Taycan, in my opinion, and we really enjoy having built-in Google maps.”

- Heather and Jordyn

“The cockpit is comfortable and well proportioned and the car has plenty of storage space, especially with the hatchback and fold-down seats. The infotainment system is quick and responsive, and every single material in the car feels high-quality. I was smitten before I even drove it. When I closed the doors, they shut with a solid, Volvo-like "thunk" and I knew it was a car built to last.”

- Steven

“It's been almost 2 months for us, and we absolutely love it. All my cars have been stick shifts until the Polestar 2, and I personally love that it's a rare car. Most people have never even heard of the brand. I've taken it to the local Cars and Coffee a few times and it's pretty popular there.

It is the most fun-to-drive car I've ever owned and I love the features, like 360° cameras, lane assist, ventilated seats, an app to control some features, and voice commands that can adjust car settings. The technology isn’t the best out there, other EVs do some things better, but for the price, it's fantastic. We plan on taking it on our annual 1,600-mile road trip this summer.”

- Sylvan and Bree

The Tech

“One major selling point besides the feel of the drive was the in-car software. Android Automotive is Google at its core. While it's not perfect, I do trust that it’s a bit better than what traditional OEMs roll out on their own. Further, Google Maps in the car is great because it automatically integrates charging stops into your navigation and shows your expected charge at all points of the trip. This is really nice and avoids having to run multiple different apps while driving. Finally, Google Maps displaying directly in your dashboard is just awesome.”

- John

“Having the second screen behind the steering wheel with Google Maps integration is great, and I find it much more natural to look at when driving than a center screen. I also love that you can download apps for it. I use Youtube Music, for example, and you can just download the app and use it in-car without your phone.”

- Morgan

The Pricing

For the 2022 model year, the Polestar 2 Single Motor features a single-motor, 231 horsepower, front-wheel drive, and a factory-estimated 265-mile range. Base pricing starts at $48,400.

The 2022 Polestar 2 Dual Motor features a dual-motor powertrain, 476 horsepower, all-wheel drive, and a factory-estimated 260-mile range. Base pricing starts at $51,900, with Evoke subscription pricing of $1,149 monthly in our Silver subscription tier.

“I was initially interested in getting a Polestar because the brand was born out of one of the best car manufacturers in the world, Volvo. They’ve been producing safe and solid cars for decades. When pricing for the Polestar 1 was released it was still on the high side of what I wanted to pay, so I held off.

Upon the Polestar 2 coming out, it was a combination of the right pricing, right time, and the right option for my use case. 6 months and 5,000 miles in, I couldn't be happier. The car has exceeded my expectations and is an enjoyable ride every time.”

- Antonio

“For its price, I think the Polestar 2 is the best EV money can buy. I think it's well worth getting it for a year or two and then seeing what the market brings. I chose a year-long subscription and will likely renew unless another EV comes out with significantly better tech or driving range.”

- Lynda

Subscribe to the Polestar 2

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